Swisse Club Points Program
Details and Rules


Swisse Club Points Program Details and Rules

How do I participate in the Swisse Club Points Program ? Customers with an existing account will automatically earn points when shopping and participate in the points program


Once you create an account to become a Swisse Club member, you will receive an account confirmation email after successful registration. Once the account is confirmed, you will become a Swisse Club member.

  • All persons aged 18 and above can become Swisse Club members. Companies or other legal entities will not obtain the relevant membership. The acceptance of membership is at the sole discretion of Swisse Club.
  • The membership of Swisse Club is not transferable and is only available to members who have joined the club. Abuse of membership, privileges, or any misconduct, fraud or abuse of points by members, or failure to comply with the terms of use and/or other terms and conditions under the membership plan, will result in termination or temporary suspension of membership, withdrawal of privileges, and Cancel all point rewards.
  • Swisse reserves the right to change the "Swisse Club Point Program" structure, offers and other content, including relevant terms and conditions, or terminate the "Swisse Club Point Program" at any time. Although the "Swisse Club Point Program" takes reasonable measures to notify members of the "Swisse Club Point Program" and/or major changes to these terms and conditions, members are responsible for the latest situation of the "Swisse Club Point Program" and these terms and conditions. The use of any service of the "Swisse Club Point Program" by the member will be deemed to have accepted all modifications. "Swisse Club Point Program" and/or "Swisse" will not be liable for loss or damage caused by "Swisse Club Point Program" or any modification of these terms and conditions.

How do I earn Swisse Club points?

See all the ways to earn points.

  • You can earn 1 point for every SGD$1 spent, excluding delivery charges. The points that can be earned for the order are calculated based on the actual checkout amount after deducting various discounts.
  • Points will be added to the account within 7 working days after the order is delivered.

How do I use / redeem Swisse Club points?

  • After accumulating enough designated points, you can redeem the rewards you want to redeem in the reward area
  • Reward for the specified one-time discount code can be used as the amount of discount or dollar exchange gift product use.
  • The coupon code can be used on the checkout page the next time you shop.
  • Only one discount code can be used for each order.

Are Swisse Club points limited ?

  • The points are valid until December 31 each year, and the points will be recalculated for the second year. The accumulation and redemption of bonus points are only applicable during the validity period of the points. Points that have not been redeemed will become invalid after expiration and cannot be transferred to the next year.
  • Members are responsible for keeping track of their membership status and points expiration date. Points will be automatically cleared after the expiration date. In case of any dispute, the records held by Swisse Club shall be regarded as confirmation of the balance of bonus points in each member's account.

How can I check my Swisse Club points balance?

Log in to your account and go to the Swisse Club page. You can check the earned points, how to earn points, redeem points, check the redemption records and coupon codes from the page.

Can Swisse Club points be transferred to friends/cash in cash ?

Points cannot be exchanged/cashed into cash, and cannot be transferred, nor can they be combined or shared with other account points of the same member.

What is the validity period of Swisse Club membership ?

Your membership is valid for the entire operation period of the Swisse Club program. Swisse reserves the right to terminate the operation of Swisse Club at any time and at the absolute discretion of the member without prior notice or reason. After the operation of Swisse Club is terminated, all rights and privileges of members will cease, and members shall not or shall not lodge claims or demands with Swisse for any nature or result arising from or possibly resulting from the termination of the membership plan.

Can I earn Swisse Club points for shopping in any Swisse  store ?

Swisse Club points can only be used in Swisse online stores.


Swisse Club rewards

Are Swisse Club rewards fixed ?

  • Swisse Club rewards will be updated regularly. Gifts are available in limited quantities, first come first served.
  • Swisse Club will try its best to provide the redeemed gifts within a reasonable time according to the nature of the gifts. However, Swisse Club reserves the right to request members to replace other gifts when the redeemed gift cannot be provided or cannot be delivered.

How do I check the coupons I have already redeemed?

On the Swisse Club page, click "My Gifts" to view the redeemed coupons. You can also click the "Use at checkout" button to use the discount immediately.

How many rewards can I redeem with my points?

As long as you have enough points, you can redeem rewards as much as you want.

Can Swisse Club coupon codes be transferred to others ?

It is recommended that you use the discount yourself to avoid misuse of the discount coupon.

Can Swisse Club rewards be refunded ?

Once the redeemed reward is confirmed, it cannot be refunded or exchanged with other rewards or products.