The herb Andrographis grows abundantly in India, Pakistan and areas of South-East Asia, for this reason is has a long history of traditional use in a number of traditional medicine systems including Traditional Chinese Medicine and traditional Ayurvedic Medicine.

Scientific evidence has indicated that Andrographis may assist with the symptoms of mild upper respiratory tract infections (URTIs).


Tonsilities & Sinusitis Relief
Andrographis helps relieve symptoms of mild tonsillitis and sinusitis and reduces the symptoms and occurrence of the common cold.

Relieves Upper Respiratory Tract Infections
Andrographis helps relieve the severity of mild upper respiratory tract infections.

High in antioxidant properties
The benefits of Andrographis have been known for quite some time, particularly within ancient traditional Chinese and Ayurveda (Indian) medicines, where it has been used for centuries to help manage a variety of ailments.