Swisse Ultinatal DHA + EPA Liquid for Baby

  • $25.00


Swisse Ultinatal DHA + EPA Liquid for Baby is a premium quality formula to help:

  • Support cognitive health and normal brain function from DHA, the primary facets of which include learning, understanding and memory.
  • Support a healthy nervous system from DHA.
  • Support eye health from DHA.
  • Provide a natural source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids: which cannot be produced by body.


Directions for Use

0-6 months: Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended, consult your healthcare professional and use only as directed.
7 months - 2 years: 1 capsule daily.
2 - 3 years: 2 capsules daily.
Or as directed by a healthcare professional.
Cut capsule tail and squeeze contents onto spoon to administer directly into baby's mouth, or add to milk, water or food.
Do not swallow whole. Store below 25°C.

Key Ingredients

Capsule (Gelatin Humectant (Glycerol), Water, Colour (Iron oxide yellow, Titanium dioxide, Iron dioxide red)), Concentrated fish omega-3 triglycerides, Medium chain triglycerides, Orange oil, Hydrogenated vegetable oil, Lecithin.

No added lactose, gluten or egg. Contains fish products, soya bean products & sulfites.